An unusually toned-down Wendy Williams visited the Asbury Park Senior Center on Springwood Avenue, Nov. 12, lifting many a local’s spirit post-Sandy.  Dressed in a tight fitting hoodie with bedazzled pants, Williams energized the room with her smile and smarts, rather than any talk show razzle-dazzle.

“She talked to everyone, some individually,” said Robert Burnett of Asbury Park.  “She asked how they were doing after the storm and really listened to their answers.”

Talk show host Wendy Williams arrives at the new Senior Center on Springwood Avenue in Asbury Park.  Photo courtesy: Robert Burnett

In and out like a flash, Williams advance team took over an entire city block with security that would seemingly be more suited for President Obama.  But the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media was primarily celebrated by non-threatening middle-aged women and gay fans.  She knows who she is talking to and how to connect with them.  She also does not take herself too seriously when its not necessary.

“She was much shorter than I thought she would be but really, really pretty,” said Burnett.  “Her wig adds about three inches (to her height).  I love her!”

A more subdued Wendy Williams on Nov. 12 in Asbury Park.  Photo courtesy Robert Burnett.

Despite being one of the few to break through in the competitive daytime talk show market in the last few years, Williams has not forgotten from where she came.  Williams still owns a home in the area and makes at least one public visit each year.  A few years ago, Williams’ visited the Barack Obama Elementary School in Asbury Park, donating tens of thousands of dollars in computer equipment.

“It’s just sad when the first time in the past two weeks people mobilize – an election and a record storm have just passed – is when a TV star comes to town,” said a woman in the lobby of the senior center.  “We shouldn’t need her to get people activated.”