Father David Perkins, the new interim rector at Trinity Episcopal Church in Asbury Park answers your Facebook and Twitter questions…

As the holidays approach, what are you most thankful for?

My children Number One.  After that, good health, meaningful work in the church.  My son is 34.  He and his wife are professional muscians in Philadelphia.  My daughter is 31.  They are both great kids who love their dad.  I respect them and love their lives.  There is a uniqueness to their friendship with me as adults.  They value their mentoring and friendship I share and I am sure to not interject.  I don’t use the word ‘should’ when I talk with them.  I want to be available to them and love and am thankful for them and their families. [more below]

Father David Perkins, interim rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Asbury Park.

What do you want people to know about you?

Every expression of Christianity is partial.  No one expression of Christianity is the truth.  Across every brand lines – and that is the perspective that I operate with.  There is a quote I think is so true:  “Each church is the Church Catholic and not simply a part of it. Each church is the Church catholic, but not the whole of it.”  Also, I think I finally found a church as liberal as I am here.

What do you laugh about?  What do you watch on television?

I laugh about myself a lot.  The worst thing you can do is take yourself too seriously if you are in the church.  I just enjoy watching people have fun and contributing to it.   There is a lot to laugh at.  I get up really early so I don’t watch a lot of TV.  I watch a lot of baseball and college basketball.  I like more dramatic movies, not comedy or romance.  I want to see the Lincoln movie.

What type of music do you like?

I have some great old stuff and new on my iPhone.  Everything from Snow Patrol to The Fray to Train.

Where do you stand on gay marriage?

I am for it and it is going to happen in this country once the conservatives die out – they are trying to conserve a male dominance.  If you don’t have a traditional family you cant have male dominance.  “There is no such thing as the biblical understanding of the family,” as some people believe.

The church at one time used the bible to prove slavery was good.  Then it said that women should not be ordained.  And then to condemn divorces.  It is inevitable that the church will change its view of homosexuality being wrong.  There is a great book by Jack Rogers that discusses this.

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