Small town, big reveals.  New from TheBPlot – locals share some of their most secret of secrets in You Say What.  Edited for space and clarity.  Published with permission….

–        An area physician told TheBPlot his naughty little secret:  “I called [an area trophy maker] and told them movers lost boxes that had 20 years of trophies and plaques. My assistant pulled logos from the Red Cross, United Way, Doctors Without Borders [and other local organizations] and we had them make 95% of the awards you see in my office and in the lobby.”

You Say What reveals what your neighbors don't tell you at cocktail parties...

You Say What reveals what your neighbors don’t tell you at cocktail parties…

–        “I love feedies,” this area resident said to TheBPlot. “I go online and pay big beautiful women to eat on camera.  If I really like them, I have paid for a girl from South Carolina to come here so I could feed her and watch her eat.  Sometimes I sit at a bar of a restaurant like Porta and look for woman to watch eat.”

–         “I was a single mother and after my divorce, couldn’t afford to work my way up the corporate ladder 40 years ago in Los Angeles,” said a local executive.  “One of those friend of a friend of a friend stories knew of a woman willing to sell me her resume and folder of work samples for a lot of cocaine.  I bought a book about the industry I was going into and went to the library and read a year’s worth of newspapers.  In the end, I got a VP-level job at a major bank. I hired one of my best friends as my executive assistant and we did it.  After a while I was recruited to another bank and the rest is history.  Even today, there are less than 10 people that know that story.”

–        “I worked for a school district years ago and had access to the diplomas,” said a retiree referring to a job she had thirty years ago.  “My partner is a calligrapher and between the two of us, we sold high school diplomas to the mob for $100 or $200.  Back then that was big money.”

–        “First you should know I saw my former boss going out of his way to hurt people and their lives – he was a soulless and evil man to nice people,” said this tech expert.  “After I was laid off, I still had the passwords and access to the company’s email server.  For at least four months I would go into [my former boss’] email account and permanently delete his important emails.”

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