WHO smells a catfish fight?  Which Philly-based, family-owned fish monger is embedding a sales rep in the Asbury area, claiming access to an ‘exclusive’ salmon raised in Maine and Canada as entre into the major restaurant players.  “My mission is to break the pattern of these chefs ordering from the same place they have done for years,” he told TheBPlot, as he claimed to have begun selling to one famously fishy restaurant.

NAME the family member of a longtime restaurant scion that leaves bartenders with a sour taste when [insert pronoun] drops by on a Friday or Saturday night and “scoops out all the $20’s from the cash register.”  Our tipster continued, “It’s usually after the rush around 9 pm.  And we are left to tell [the scion] where the money went.”

WHICH developer will share his “big plans” for his downtown properties and liquor licenses over the next year with pretty much anyone he wants to impress?  “The funniest is when he talks about opening a meatball restaurant like its his original, game-changing idea,” a source who heard the whole story told TheBPlot.  A second source said, “Yeah, he talks about his ideas but its more like he is excited to bring the idea to the area.  He isn’t bragging.”

NAME the designer / supplier who doesn’t want his local, conservative-slash-feminist clientele to know he helped design and build the new Scores Atlantic City – the first gentleman’s club inside a casino? He’s sworn friends to secrecy.  [more below…]

Is a fresh bread war rising? Read on... and keep reading for "Missed Connections Restaurant Edition."

Is a fresh bread war rising? Read on… and keep reading for “Missed Connections Restaurant Edition.”

IS THERE a bread war rising?  Antonio’s Deli on Sunset Avenue (Wanamassa Liquors strip mall) and the soon-to-launch Pasquale & Sabine (from the brilliant brains that brought you Porta, Brick Wall and Goldie’s) both selling take-out artisan bread made on the premises, all day.  “Importing bread from Brooklyn every morning, the bread is really day-old by the time you buy it. It’s made at 2 am, then the truck goes down to Atlantic City, comes back up the Parkway and when you buy it for dinner, it’s almost stale.  There’s nothing like bread that’s two hours – or less – old.”  And we can’t forget Frank’s Deli rolls, made fresh every morning with same press for more than 50 years.

NAME the manager of the uber-casual restaurant who makes a gaggle of gays giggle when he leaves ’em wondering what he does at night.  TheBPlot has the answer – according to our tipster, “He goes home and parties with the Mexican guys that work for him. When I say party, I mean party.”

COULD this rumor be possible:  Bar Anticipation in Belmar is one of the Top 5 sellers of Miller Light in North America?  TheBPlot’s heard the rumor at least three times over the past two years.  What do you think?

WHAT happened to Ashley Dupre, area resident and former favorite of Client #9? Over the years, she was regularly spotted at one of her favorite hangouts – Stella Marina’s main floor bar – showing off a blinding diamond engagement ring from her hottie (now husband) TJ Earle and charming every gay boy she could swing a sausage at.  At one point she was discussing purchasing condo in the Post Building.  Would have been a good idea – we hear Superstorm Sandy washed away the couple’s rented Brielle oceanfront mansion.  TheBPlot hasn’t heard a bleep about her since the storm or the birth of her baby.  Have you?

WHY are restaurants and bars asking the public to fund a Saint Patrick’s Day Parade when those businesses are very clearly going to be the ones to benefit?  One Belmar bar owner told TheBPlot he makes “$70,000 to $100,000” the day of that town’s parade.  “Bartenders leave with $1,000 in cash in their pockets.”  TheBPlot’s heard rumors over and over again that the gay pride parade costs a little more than $5,000.

WHICH restaurant owner is most famous for not paying vendor bills?  “Anybody I know that does business with [insert name] writes estimates for 20 or 30 percent more just expecting to not get the final payment,” said our snitch.

MEMORY of the “old” Cameo Bar:  “15 years ago we used to do coke off the bar. No worries about police or what we were doing. Women would let the guy sitting next to them finger them right there [at the bar] for a couple of drinks…”

MISSED CONNECTIONS *TheBPlot was first to start publishing these verbatim in 2010, FYI.  Someone else took the idea for a while.*: RESTAURANT EDITION

M4M – “Evan… I should have given you my  number when we shot the shit at the Brick Wall Wednesday.”

W4M, 19 – “Searching for Mr. Crosby.  You were my teacher last year (I just graduated) I took two of the classes you taught at night school. I know you’re married, but I’ve always dreamt of fucking you in that classroom. You used to always offer me a ride home or to take me to Mc Donalds but I was too chicken to accept your offer. You are blond and 31 or 32.”

M4M – “See you at the parking lot by Langosta in the morning ..Not sure if ur looking for anything…usually ppl around …ur hot as fuk…what do u drive?

M4W, 52 – “We were both out to diner with our spouses a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night at Bistro Ole. We were with another couple and you and your husband were dining alone. But we were stealing glances all night. Clearly we were undressing one another with our eyes but could do nothing further.”

M4W – “To the lady I was speaking too in McDonalds Tuesday (the 8th) about how I liked fish sandwiches and you tried to offer me a coupon… I am curious if you may be interested in some adult NSA Sexual fun.”

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