The next time you ask your dog if you look good in that dress, consider that he is answering back.

I have been in  conversation with my dog Truman for seven years, assuming my compelling commentary was lost on him.  According to Asbury Park resident Chris DeSerio, aka the “Jersey Shore Medium” and pet communicator, I was wrong.

Pet owners come to DeSerio because they are concerned about their companion animal’s behavior, emotion or physical issues; or maybe because their pet has an illness that lacks diagnosis from a veterinarian.  Frequently, people come to him to talk to pets that have passed away.  And other times they want to know what Fluffy or Fido are saying just for grins and giggles.

Last week I spoke with the smart and talented DeSerio about his skill and more specifically, about Truman.

What is he saying?  Pet Communicator Chris DeSerio may know - and know what your companion animal is trying to tell you..

What is Truman saying? Pet Communicator Chris DeSerio may know – and know what your companion animal is trying to tell you..

TBP:  What does it mean to be communicating with a companion animal?

DeSerio:  You are connecting with animals at a telepathic level.  Animals – living or deceased – are easier than humans to communicate with because they are pure of heart.  They are not secretive or deceptive and they are not weighed down by anything.  If a human is a cantankerous bastard when he was alive, he is going to be like that dead.  Animals are child-like and about living and loving.

I get full-on conversations with pets – that’s just the way it works for me.  Other people see images and translate.  My connection with pets is immediate and there is a quick, constant back and forth between myself and the pet.

The challenge is delivering all the information to the pet owner because it is happening so quickly. Pets want to say so much.

TBP:  I asked you a few questions to discuss with Truman, like what he thinks about the cats in the house.  What did you find out?

DeSerio:  Truman comes across as very sweet and goofy.  His stream of thoughts are a bit confused, and when asked questions to which he should know the answers or have opinions he’d occasionally misunderstand what was being asked.

Truman felt that there was one cat in the house that was very smart and “knows how to get away.”  Then Truman showed me a black-and-white cat to “watch out for.”  That said, I know he’s really fine with the cats being there.

TBP:  He is very, very anxious – especially when left alone.  I think it’s because he is a rescue and the first few months of his life were pretty awful.

DeSerio:  He has let go of his negative early life, though he remembers it and the people involved vividly.  He is thankful for the second chance at life.  What was upsetting him more than anything else were the human spirits he sees around him and in the house.

When asked about seeing spirits or entities Truman responded:  “I don’t like to see them.”  In clarifying, he advised me that he had experiences with two child spirits that didn’t seem to concern him and three middle-age or older women.  We did not get in to where these people came from.

At the close of the conversation he stated that learned new vocabulary from you, Richard, and can dismiss background noise from people easily.

For more about pet communicating, log on to  He also has a loyal following of fans for his work as a medium, psychic and home clearer.