The refreshed 2015 Jetta available at Shrewsbury Volkswagen.  In 2014, Volkswagen of America sold 141,354 Jetta sedans, making it the most popular vehicle in the brand’s lineup.

The refreshed 2015 Jetta features LED daylights, push button start and more. More info at ShrewsburyVW.com.

Founded in 1937, Volkswagen is the largest automobile manufacturer in Europe and Germany.  Since then, VW worked to cultivate a rabid following of driving enthusiasts by consistently delivering reliability and fun.

Today, Volkswagen maintains its popularity by delivering top-tier German performance at an accessible price point.  In 2014, 366,970 VW cars were sold in the US – the Jetta sedan proving its popularity with 141,354 new vehicles on the road.  The Passat, built in Chattanooga, came in second with 96,649 sold.

I still remember the distinctive, modulated buzz of the white Beetle my Aunt Mary had in the late 70’s as she zipped down the Turnpike into New York City with my two cousins and I crammed in the backseat.  I’m pretty sure she had a name for the two-door car that we would wrestle our way out of.  I know she was proud it had almost 300,000 miles when she finally sold it.

She still gets a look of fondness in her eyes reminiscing about that car and all the happy memories we

Interior of the refreshed 2015 Volkswagen Jetta.

Interior of the refreshed 2015 Volkswagen Jetta. In 2014, Volkswagen of America sold 141,354 Jetta sedans, making it the most popular vehicle in the brand’s lineup.  ShrewsburyVW.com

made with it.

But her story is not unique.  According to Wall Street Magazine, Volkswagen has three of the best-selling cars of all time – the Golf, Beetle and Passat.

“You can find life-long Volkswagen owners all around this area,” said Gino Dellomo, general sales manager, Shrewsbury Volkswagen.  “Also, parents come in every week to put their children in a five-star across the board safety-rated car for under $200 a month.  They tell us there was no question it was going to be a Volkswagen.”

For 2015, all the Volkswagen models – Jetta, Passat, Golf, Beetle, Toureg, Tiguan and Routan – were “refreshed.”  Beyond excellent fuel efficiency the 2015 models come with an impressive list of standard and optional performance, safety, comfort and technology features.

Regarding the 2015 updates, Forbes Magazine said, “Volkswagen has long mastered the art of building entertaining turbo engines.”  MotorTrend named the Golf the 2015 Car of the Year and Popular Mechanics called the Passat a “solid German competitor to Japanese models.”

“Back-up camera, push ignition, Bluetooth, LED daylights are all included for under $20,000 at Shrewsbury Volkswagen,” said Dellomo.  “Dollar-for-dollar no product on the market can compete.”

It’s clear the Volkswagen owner benefits from the research and development the parent company puts into other makes it owns – Porche, Audi and Bugatti.

“Volkswagon is top German engineering that won’t break your wallet,” said Dellomo.

The Volkswagen cabins are designed intelligently with style and a nod to the manufacturer’s legendary heritage.  All the models are comfortably familiar as well as modern and energizing.  I enjoyed the zip and muscle of the cars combined with comfort and tech.  It’s an exciting type of car to drive, and for the price?  Wow.

Last week, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Volkswagen made headlines by introducing the “intuitive cockpit.”  The manufacturer’s future cockpit will eliminate the touchscreen by automatically physically recognizing the driver and passenger and adjusting all the equipment to fit their eyes, hands, body temperature and torso.  The driver won’t need to touch a button.

The manufacturer also announced it has taken autonomous driving to a new level with the “trained parking” option.  Soon, the car will drive and park itself in your garage (with you behind the wheel).

Coming in 2016, the driver’s smartphone (via fingerprint identification technology) will serve as the car key and remote ignition.

“For less than $250 a month, Shrewsbury Volkswagen can deliver you a 2015 model that you will be happy with for years,” said Max Rolerson.  “Gas, diesel, electric or hybrid, every driver has a car waiting for them here.”

More at ShrewsburyVW.com.