July 09



After two years of researching and planning, Troy Teeboom opened the doors to his new health and wellness studio, Kur, in the burgeoning downtown district north of Bangs Avenue in Asbury Park.

Kur was designed literally from the beams outward to be a world-class destination for papering incorporating the best practices in traditional and contemporary wellness.

It’s all about the details at Kur, executed impeccably in a way that offers clients a uniquely individualized experience.  Nothing was overlooked in Teeboom’s luxe and crisp “deconstructed hipster meets ancient eastern” design, down to the sensory-optimized treatment rooms. He succeeded in making a space that’s healing in its beauty as well as its talented team’s function.

Kur treatment rooms are sensory-optimized for the individualized comfort of every guest.

Kur treatment rooms are sensory-optimized – light, sound, temperature – for the individualized comfort of every guest.

I spoke with Teeboom, Asbury Park resident, about Kur, it’s unique approach to healing and… that yoga wall people are crazy for.

TBP:  Kur is the area’s only Ayurvedic spa.  What does that mean?

Teeboom:  All the treatments in the Kur menu are eastern-influenced.  Two years ago, when I began thinking of opening this studio I wanted create a place where every treatment would genuinely make a difference in someone’s wellness.  Everyone is busy.  It is hard to find time for ourselves.  I wanted to create a space where the time people invest in themselves is maximized and guaranteed to make them feel better; every treatment, every time.

I researched and traveled to identify “the best.” I believe I found that, and built an experience like no other from the moment you step in our doors.

Everywhere I went – with every expert I spoke to – I heard Ayurvedic treatments were far and above the best and most impactful.  “Ayurvedic” wellness is a form of holistic care that originated in India more than 3,000 years ago.  It primarily promotes good health rather than fights disease.

Serena Soffer hangs from the Kur yoga wall.  Kur is the only area studio with a yoga wall.

Serena Soffer hangs from the Kur yoga wall. Kur is the only area studio with this type of wall.

At Kur, that means an experience tailored to your dosha, or body type.  We offer you the opportunity to answer a few questions about your mind, body and spirit to identify primary and secondary doshas.  From that, our experts customize a selected treatment.

The spa offers more than 100 traditional and Ayurvedic treatments and services – from acupuncture, waxing and electrolysis to massages, facials and ionic foot detoxing – done by the absolute best practitioners in our area.  My favorite treatment right now is the unstress facial.  The most popular treatment with customers is the deep tissue aromatherapy massage.

TBP:  A foot detoxing is something you have to do for yourself to actually understand what happens and how it helps.  If you put a garlic clove in your shoe, 30 minutes later you will taste garlic.  That’s just a quick example of how porous your skin is and how a foot treatment can help your entire body.  And the yoga wall is incredible.

Teeboom:  When I saw the wall, I knew I wanted to share it with my customers.  Kur has the only one in our area.  It’s used to help students leverage gravity and resistance to strengthen core muscles.

The yoga studio offers classes for all experience levels and interests, on schedule that’s convenient and gives access to the best yogis in our area.  We also have Kundalini yoga classes and Vinyasa – a series of poses blended together in a dance like flow to create heat and energy flow.  And restorative classes that help students release stale energy and rejuvenate at a slower pace.

TBP:  How did you come up with the name “Kur”?

Teeboom:  I was brainstorming names with a friend.  It’s a play on the German term for spa, “kurort.”

Spa and yoga, every day customers tell me they leave having experienced something incredible, which is so gratifying.  It’s why I opened Kur.  I am thrilled to be part of the downtown business community.

More about Kur at KurStudios.com.  Click here for a yoga schedule and here for the treatment menu.