January 31


Blend of purple roses combined with a mix of two-tone carnations boasting cool purple, pink, and white tones will make you do a double take. Plus, Bouqs.com flowers are delivered direct from eco-friendly, sustainable farms to your recipient’s door.

By turning the flower supply chain business model on its head, Bouqs has transformed the way you can share your feelings.

This California-based company sells blooms directly from growers to consumers, which means ultra-fresh gifts that last three to five times longer than what you’ve been used to, for the people who mean the most… including you!

Every arrangement comes in three sizes and price points, and includes shipping.  Order online or through the company’s simple smartphone app.  A vase is optional so you get more of what you want (blooms) for your money.

Each arrangement is eco-friendly and sustainable.  It’s a brilliant business model that’s a win for everyone, except the antiquated flower delivery supply chain.

Twenty years ago, New York Times style reporter Hal Rubenstein recommended, “every gentleman should have a flower delivery company on speed dial.”  How about an app today?

Valentine‚Äôs Day Bouqs are available in three sizes (Original, Deluxe or Grand) and prices range from $50 to $90 – always including shipping.  Bouqs is offering 15% off Valentine’s Day arrangements today through February 7 with the code XO15XOThat’s an arrangement delivered for $42.50.  Bouqs.com

White roses with white lilies are paired with fresh stock accents to create an absolutely beautiful Bouq.

This beautiful mixed Bouq is the perfect way to send your affection on Valentine’s Day.

Synonymous with admiration and appreciation, pink roses are just the right flower to authentically communicate whatever you mean to say. Gorgeous purple phlox accents make the gesture even more perfect.