March 28


Via excerpted press release…

The 2017 season of Yappy Hour – a hangout for dogs and the people who love them – will have its grand opening Saturday, April 8, at the legendary Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Opening day benefits the Asbury Boardwalk Rescue.

Doors open at noon with a special acoustic performance by NRG from 2 pm to 4 pm.

What’s Yappy Hour? It’s that kind of tall “tail” where dogs meet drinks meets warm weather relaxing next to the ocean. Little Chihuahuas, Cujo-sized Irish wolfhounds, plus Dobermans, pit bulls, Golden Retrievers, English bulldogs, and scores of other dogs caught up in a great swirling, shaggy dash around the world-famous Wonder Bar.

Dogs run free, but that doesn’t mean they run wild – it’s all about organized, safe play.  And it’s no surprise that it has found a home in Asbury Park, which has been called “the most pet-friendly town on the Jersey Shore.” Attendees from around the state bring their dogs to the bar where they frolic in a fenced-in outdoor area featuring tons of amusements, including pools, sand boxes, toys and more.

TheBPlot has called it the “happiest place on earth” – watching dogs of all shapes and sizes play carefree under supervision of their parents.

Yappy Hour was founded 12 years ago by Debbie DeLisa, a former flight attendant, who cuts a striking figure with flowing blond hair and enough keys on her belt to open a hardware store. She’s the manager at the Wonder Bar and hasn’t heard of anything like Yappy Hour on the East Coast.

“Everybody knows your name, everybody knows your dog’s name,” said DeLisa.

The Yappy Hour season runs until mid-October, weather permitting.

Follow Yappy Hour on Facebook for updates and more info.  For Coaster and TheBPlot coverage of previous Yappy Hour seasons, click here.  Cover image courtesy of Madison Marquette.