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May 01

“Goat in the Attic” memoir offers never-before heard perspective of life in farmland Poland during Nazi occupation

Jarring and joyous, these stories answer the question, “What was daily life like during one of the most volatile times and places in history?”

Puppy Love

by Richard Virgilio Despite what you may have heard, Paradise and Georgie’s are not the only places to look for love around here.  Try the Monmouth County SPCA and adopt a dog or cat.   Puppy love expert and editor of more than 100 books about cats and dogs, Andrew DePrisco, discusses this very special […]


Andrew DePrisco, local writer and dog-lover, put pen to paper about his passion for puppies and received the Benjamin Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publishers Association for “Best Gay and Lesbian Book.”   Andrew’s “Woof! A Gay Man’s Guide to Dogs” (BowTie Press) is a creative, funny, interesting, energetic and really, really beautiful book […]