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>>  LAUNCHED in 2007, TheBPlot is published in hard-copy every Thursday in The Coaster Newspapers and online at TheBPlot.com [Asbury Park: City to See (c)].  Some background about the site…

  • The most-read features site in our TMZ (three-mile zone) and was nominated for the “Best Independent Website Award” by the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists in 2010.  Feature stories celebrate what’s good and possibly overlooked.
  • Provided as a free, no subscription / no comment censoring service.  We exist for you. Tips and content submissions are welcome.  If your tip is not a fit for us, we can connect you with national media outlets that might be interested.
  • Excerpted occasionally in Tier 1 national media including: New York Daily News, Today (NBC), Radar Online / National Enquirer, NJ101.5, WCBS-TV news, NJ.com, Asbury Park Press, Axios and more.
  • Featured in The New York Times article “Homegrown Gossip Sites” in 2013.
  • Virgilio, serves as a contributor to multiple channels on SiriusXM and contributed to Monmouth County’s top lifestyle magazine, Currents.
  • Prior to launching the TheBPlot, Virgilio held production titles for shows including The Maury Povich Show, The Carnie Wilson Show and The Howard Stern Show.
  • Virgilio has been “Gay Rich” for years on Howard Stern’s radio show.  2010 to 2013, he served as a commentator for the “Best of the 90’s” series on Stern’s SiriusXM channels.
  • In addition to Stern’s terrestrial and satellite radio shows, he was regularly featured on Stern’s E! network show, his Saturday Night program on CBS and in two of Stern’s bestselling books “Miss America” and “Private Parts.”

TheBPlot.com has been a member of  the New Jersey Press Association since 2009.


>>>  Terms & Conditions:  This blog is designed to be provocative, confrontational, irreverent, flippant, impudent, enlightening, naughty and funny, aka ‘for entertainment purposes only.’  We care about you and want to celebrate what you are doing.

  • If you have no humor or if you are a boring person TheBPlot isn’t for you.  In fact, you are banned from reading it.
  • Use the comment section!!!  Share your thoughts here rather than to everyone else around town but here. Tell us! TheBPlot.com is the area’s only outlet with unmoderated, free speech. We’re adults and can handle whatever you have to say.  Let’s agree to disagree sometimes!  We guarantee we can find a bunch of things we like about you.
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  • Reading TheBPlot, you can expect to encounter generalizations, simplifications, summations, exaggerations and inflations, and a lot of truths that no one else locally will put in print because they are completely dependent on advertisers. (The last part I wrote, my gorgeous and talented attorney made me put in those other words, as well as the next bullet.)
  • I make no representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the sufficiency, accuracy, or utility of any information contained in this blog.
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