TBP: Your relative, John Davis, says he witnessed Little Edie climbing a tree and then burning her hair off, after a failed romance. What is the real story about Little Edie’s hair?

Bouvier: We never heard the story about Edie’s hair burning. We understood her to have Alopecia.

TBP: How much did Jackie Kennedy Onassis really pay to save her family from eviction from Grey Gardens. I have heard a spectrum of amounts. And did she pay Little Edie’s living expenses until she died, as rumored?

Bouvier: Jackie paid $25,000 to restore the home “to code.” We never heard that she helped Little Edie with her bills. There is no evidence of that.

TBP: What do you think your Grandmother and Little Edie would make of the ultra-iconic fame status they have achieved?

Bouvier: I think they would have loved the Broadway musical and HBO Film. Fame was not a priority but they would have appreciated the tributes.

TBP: What is the most common question you are asked about “Grey Gardens” and Little Edie?

Bouvier: There are so many questions. Mostly, we are asked “What Little Edie was like?” and “Why did this all happen?” The fans often think that no one cared for Edie and her mother but that is far from the truth. Everyone in the family tried to help them but at one point they decided that they would not leave Grey Gardens under any circumstances.

This is one of the reasons my wife, Eva, published the book “Edith Bouvier Beale of Grey Gardens: A Life in Pictures” to dispel the rumors.

TBP: What’s next?

Bouvier: We have no specifics yet however the next phase will include a book of Little Edie’s diaries and journals. More to come at Little Edie was an avid scrapbook keeper. During her lifetime she filled dozens of bound books with poetry, photos, party invitations, drawings and private musings the next book will offer a peek into that part of Edie’s life.

There are still 100 copies left of the limited edition coffee table book of private photos available online.

TBP: Tell us about the Grey Gardens Collection?

Bouvier: The website has started small but with amazing items – all inspired by the lifestyle at Grey Gardens during the glory days. The logo for the collection is actually Edie’s handwriting. The jewelry featured is cast from the originals Big Edie and Little Edie wore at Grey Gardens.