It’s not just about learning about men.

Robin Quivers will publish a vegan cookbook later this year.

Fans of the Howard Stern Show learned recently that cohost Robin Quivers has been participating in pop psychology guru Alison Armstrong’s “Celebrating Men” seminars and that Quivers plans to take a ‘teaching’ seminar shortly.  Some thought Quivers was slipping off her rocker but what they didn’t know – and TheBPlot is reporting exclusively – is that Quivers is taking the classes partly to to prep for the launch of her upcoming vegan cookbook.

“Do I need to tell you that Robin is a perfectionist?” our source said. “Promoting a cookbook is quite different than a standard book promotional tour. This is new territory for her beyond the fact that she is not a trained chef.”

We hear Quivers is taking Armstrong’s “teaching” class because its a great way to learn “real world style” how to comfortably and quickly explain topics that may be considered challenging, like making a vegan butternut squash soup in one Today Show segment.

“Explaining a recipe in three minutes in a way that makes someone want to number one buy a book and number two make a vegan dinner for their family is tricky,” said our source.  “She’s also planning to study tapes of Today cooking segments. Figuring out the rhythmn of step by step cooking on live television while doing colorful banter with Matt Lauer takes practice.

“It’s to her credit she is putting so much work into preparing to sell the book.  She’s really a publisher’s dream in this way.”

A publishing source added that when “Vegucation of Robin” (Penguin USA imprint Avery) launches in November with a reported 75 recipes, Robin’s tour schedule will most likely include cooking with Rachael Ray as well as on-site demos on both coasts.

SIDE NOTE:  As an attendee of Quiver’s first book launch party at FOX Studios in 1997, I witnessed first-hand her dedication to her publishing responsibilities.  She even told her publisher that they were printing too many books to sell.  Her cookbook is sure to be a best-seller.

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