As you enjoy our great area businesses with your family and friends this summer, here’s Chapter 2 (the first, published last Fall, see in the story of how some businesses got their names.

Laila’s Latin Infused Cuisine

“I was working for a big corporation when I learned my daughter was pregnant,” sated Wanda Lamboy, co-owner with her partner Diane Contreras.  “At that time, I wanted two things: to be able to have lots of time with my grand daughter and own a restaurant.  I quit my job and in May, 2007 we bought the restaurant and my granddaughter Laila, was born.  We named the restaurant after my beautiful grand daughter who was the inspiration for me to follow my dream and leave the corporate world.”

Clementine’s in Avon

“Bobby and I wanted a name for our restaurant that had a southern feel, since his cooking is a mixture of Creole, New Orleans and southern,” stated Michael Rathsmith, co-owner and 35 year resident of Asbury Park.  “The original name, ‘Clementine’s Café and Collectables’ sounded great and it summed up the restaurant and the vintage items we sell in the restaurant, too.  Now, we love, the shorter, ‘Clementine’s’.”

I love elegant southern food and Bobby and Michael do it in an amazing, uber-special way.  Fried oysters, Cajun Ribeye, and Bobby’s grandmother’s secret recipe for bread pudding are some of the most popular dishes.  I seriously love everything they serve.

D&L Bar-B-Que

“Our passion for food is very personal,” stated Lisa Devon, co-owner, with Devon McLean.  “To demonstrate how personal our business is to us, we used the initials of our first names for the name of our restaurant.  We stand behind using the freshest ingredients and offering great service.  Our name represents our dedication to our customers.”

The only way to describe the ribs at D&L is “insanely outrageously good.”  They celebrate their first anniversary serving amazing ribs next month.


“I wanted a name that was fun, playful, memorable, just like the food I serve,” stated Ken Le.  “I also wanted it to be visual.  I went through at least 50 names before choosing ‘Munch’.”

Synaxis at the Shore

“The name had to capture my vision of what I wanted the restaurant and bar to be,” stated Savas Tsivicos, owner.  “I wanted it to be a destination at the shore – an additional reason to come to Asbury Park.  A place where friends could come together.  I was in church one day and there was a celebration of the Synaxis of the Apostles.  Synaxis comes from the Greek word ‘synago,’ meaning ‘gathering, assembly or big reunion.’  When I saw the joyous celebration at my church, at that moment, I realized Synaxis was the right name.”